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Auckland Walkways

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Mt Auckland

Moir Hill

Dome Valley

Goldie Bush

Mt William

Mataitai Forest

Vinings Walkway

Okura Bush

Stony Batter

Motutapu Island

Okiwi Harataonga

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Wairarapa Graves

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Some of this information may be out of date. Please check before you try to access any of these areas.


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The Department of Conservation maintains a system of tracks in the Auckland region as part of its commitment to its New Zealand National Walkways program. The policy of the department is to :-

  • Co-ordinate and encourage the development of a national system of walking tracks in conjunction with Tangata Whenua, private landowners, local and regional authorities and government agencies.

  • Provide legal access to and over tracks by written agreement with the landowner.

  • Gazette walkways where appropriate.

  • Protect the rights of property owners and occupiers in the establishment and management of walkways.

  • Identify and promotion the public use of tracks for walking where legal rights of access exist.

  • Provide the  necessary facilities, including accommodation and amenities, where this will enhance public use of walkways.

This policy was published in April 1995. It was prepared under section 4 of the Walkways Act 1990 and under section 17B of the Conservation Act 1987. (Section 4 of the Walkways Act provides that the Minister may adopt statements of general policy for the implementation of this Act in any areas. This provision is subject to sections 17B and 17N of the Conservation Act. Section 17B (3) (a) to (m) of the Conservation Act lays down provisions which shall apply in the preparation and approval of statements of general policy.)

Alpine Sports Club has had a long association with the national walkways program through some of its members including the late Bob Ussher and Dave Lennard who have been active in taking the initiative to establish the New Zealand Walkways program and the legislation which makes it possible.

 Some of the Auckland Walkways information is reproduced here and includes local maps of some of the walkways showing the routes and the access. More information can be obtained by visiting the site of the Department of Conservation (see the links page on the menu above).  Please check before you visit any of these walkways.

Note also that some areas, including Mataitai Forest are closed for access to protect the Kauri trees from Kauri die-back disease.




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