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Access: 50 km south of Auckland down SH1, then 5H2 for 2.5 km. Turn into Irish Rd, then McMillan Road to the carpark. The walk can also begin from Puketutu Rd, exit SH1 at Beaver Road turnoff, cross intersection with Great South Road, turn right into Razorback Road, left into Puketutu.


Length: 6.5 km 3 hours to the Mt William summit and return to McMillan Road carpark. Or 3 hours to continue past the Mt William trig (369m), to Puketutu trig (376m), exiting at Puketutu Rd.


Footwear: Walking shoes or boots


Caveat: Crosses private land. Closed for lambing 1 July 1 October.

From McMillan road end, the track follows a farm fence line with markers to the Mt William Scenic Reserve. A wide variety of native trees and scrub flourishes here, most significantly the conjunction of kauri and hard beech, and king ferns. The track divides, but later rejoins the right-hand track is the most recently upgraded. From Mt William summit, views extend from the West Coast to the Firth of Thames. The trail continues along a saddle of rolling farmland to Puketutu trig and Puketutu Rd



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