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Access: 66 km north of Auckland on SH1, just past the Pohuehue viaduct.


Length: 6 km — 3 to 4 hours return


Footwear: Walking shoes or boots


Caveat: The upper section of the walkway crosses Carter Holt Harvey pine forest. Intending walkers should check with the Recreation Tourism section of Carter Holt Harvey to ensure such sections of this track are clear of logging work which may affect their safety Ph (09) 420 8660. Walkers should heed any signs which indicate changes of route on the upper section, or closure.


The entrance is on the western side of SH1. After reaching the stream, there’s a choice of two tracks — right, then left up the steep Ridge Track via pines to Ridge Rd, or left along the Beverley Price Track, along a stream. It passes a side-track to a small waterfall, with a lookout platform, before joining the Ridge Track. The track follows forest roads down through pine trees to a stream, with a side-track to the main waterfall, up to an airstrip then joins Moir Hill Rd to the Moir Hill trig, and the microwave link station 358m above sea level. Views from the trig take in both coasts.


































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