Welcome to Tramping Auckland 2016


Alpine Sports Club Inc. is a Tramping, Skiing and Mountaineering club based in Auckland New Zealand.


The club has over 500 members, it owns 2 Ski lodges on Mt Ruapehu and a very well appointed bush hut in the Waitakere Ranges, an hours drive from downtown Auckland.


The club runs regular day and weekend tramping trips to the local and Northland ranges and as far afield as the Ureweras, Kaimais, Coromandels, Ruahines, Kawekas, Kaimanawas and Tongariro National Park. During the Christmas break there are regular tramping trips to the South Island and Stuart Island.


Alpine Sports Club runs regular Alpine Instruction, general mountain and bushcraft skills courses, ski instruction and ski touring (ski mountaineering) courses.


Each Christmas there is a very popular camp at a suitable site for tramping and summer water sports. The site is usually away from the major camping areas, available only to club members. This last year's camp, 2008/2009, had over 120 members and their families & friends.


The range of club activities include:-

  • Regular weekend and day tramping, most weekends

  • Tramping and climbing from the lodges, summer & winter

  • Skiing & Ski Touring from the club lodges in winter

  • Alpine Instruction & Ski instruction

  • Instruction Courses (navigation, trip planning, risk management, gear etc.)

  • Camping at Christmas and some holiday weekends

  • Kayaking and mountain biking

  • Family Activities centered on the club facilities in the Waitakeres and at Ruapehu

  • Club night presentation & get together each month

  • Monthly club magazine with details of activities & contacts

  • Above all, companionship

We cater for all ages, veterans, midis down to youths. Families are particularly welcome.


Check out the tramping program and the Photogallery to see what we do by selecting from the menu bar at the head of the page.



For more information contact the membership secretary, Christine Comber on 09-419-8104, use the contact link on the menu above or email us at membership@alpinesport.org.nz


Alpine Sports Club inc.  P.O. Box 131, Auckland, New Zealand.  email   help@trampingauckland.org.nz